A. Where to Pay Student Fees
Account Name: Edwin Clark University
 Zenith Bank (ZB): Account Number 1014245263 Or
 Zenith Bank (ZB): Account Number 1014022279 Or
 Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB): Account Number 0171183354 Or
 United Bank for Africa (UBA): Account Number 1018657909
B. How to Pay Student Fees
Pay as many times as your cash flow permits, such that you would have paid

  1. At least 50% of your total fees before the beginning of the first semester and
  2. the balance 50% of your total fees before the beginning of the second semester
  3. 100% of your total fees before the beginning of the session
    When filling out the Bank Teller/Payment Instrument, write your (i.e THE STUDENT)
    name as The Depositor, starting with Student SURNAME followed by other
    E.g. DOUYE, Oluwatobi, Isa, Chibueze.
    Ensure that your mode of payment will display your Name in Edwin Clark University
    Bank Statement. Keep your copy of bank Teller/Payment Instrument.
    C. When to Pay Student Fees
    Pay your due fees in full BEFORE resuming to campus. That is;
    a) Before the beginning of each semester or
    b) Before the beginning of the session
    DO NOT Resume to campus WITHOUT Compliance
    D. Where, How, When to Pay Student Surcharge
    Pay the Full surcharge amount immediately incurred using details in A above.
    Students Surcharge include;
    i) Re-Absorption Fee- N150,000 (One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira) or One
    Semester Fee, whichever is Higher
    ii) SIWES (Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme) N2,000 (Two Thousand
    Naira) for qualifying Science programs & N3,500 (Three Thousand five Hundred Naira)
    for other qualifying programs & Entrepreneurial Training – N5,000
    iii) Fine for Damage/Loss of University Property- As determined by the Dean of
    Student Affairs or Officer in charge and approved by the Vice Chancellor