The Registry Department is in charge of the administration of the University.

The Department is headed by a Registrar who is responsible to the Vice -Chancellor for the day to-day administration of the University excluding financial matters.

To effectively discharge its responsibilities, the Department is broken into Divisions which performs different administrative functions.

The Registrar is Secretary to the:

  1. Council and its statutory committees
  2. Senate
  3. Convocation
  4. Congregations

The Registrar is also custodian of the University records, the rules and regulations as approved by Council and also responsible for interpreting and presenting the University positions and point of view in deliberations on a broad range of matters relating to staff and students and implementation of decisions, regulations, policies etc. of regulatory bodies. The Registrar is the custodian of the University Seal.

To assist the Registrar in the effective discharge of his duties there are a number of officers in charge of the various Divisions namely:

  1. Council

The Council is the highest policy making body.

It is headed by a Pro-Chancellor and Chairman


Specifically, the responsibilities of the Council are:

  1. General control and superintendence of policies, finances and property of the university subject to the overriding decision of the Board of Trustees;
  2. Participate in making amendment or revocation of the status of the university as required by the amendment clause of the university law;
  3. Make recommendations to the Board of Trustees and act on the approvals of the Board of Trustees;
  4. Recommend to the Board of Trustees and Chancellor any policy intended to be embarked upon and receive the approval the before embarking on such;
  5. Make regulations for any purpose for which regulations are or may be authorized;
  6. Govern, manage and regulate the finances, accounts, investments, property, business and all affairs, whatsoever of the university, and for that purpose to appoint bankers and any other officers and agents who it seems expedient to appoint and to cause proper books of account to be kept for all sums of money received and expended by the university and for the assets and liabilities of the university and explains it transactions;.