A. Where to Pay Student Fees
Account Name: Edwin Clark University
 Zenith Bank (ZB): Account Number 1014245263 Or
 Zenith Bank (ZB): Account Number 1014022279 Or
 Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB): Account Number 0171183354 Or
 United Bank for Africa (UBA): Account Number 1018657909
B. How to Pay Student Fees
Pay as many times as your cash flow permits, such that you would have paid


Edwin Clark University celebrates 25th best University ranking

The Edwin Clark University Kiagbodo yesterday celebrated its ranking as the best 25th University in Nigeria by the Nigerian Universities Commission, NUC, with promise to become the number 1.

This was stated by Prof. Samuel Ugbolue, Acting Vice Chancellor during a press briefing at the University in Kiagbodo.

According to him, “Our Proprietor had a Press Conference of April 15, 2024 where he announced that ECU was ranked 25th out of 200 universities in Nigeria barely 8 years of its establishment.

“To celebrate this accomplishment which is as a result of the commitment, dedication and overall contributions by staff and students, the Proprietor has deemed it proper to thank everyone involved in the administration of ECU. 

“There is a celebration for all of us on Campus today after the usual Wednesday Joint Staff- Devotion. Your sacrifice and services to Edwin Clark University are fully acknowledged. 

“As Management, we remain focused in providing facilities for improved teaching, learning and advancing the well-being and welfare of our staff and students.

“In 2023/2024 we matriculated students 476 undergraduates. In the University Ranking: NUC 2021-32nd overall; best in the South South; 22nd among Private universities. But in 2023-25th overall 6th Private Universities.

“We increased enrolment to 1479 students; all fully residential, an increase of over 90% compared to our 2022/2023 enrolments and admitted 19 MSc, PhD students in our SPGS.” He added.

The VC announced that the university has appointment of Prof Oladapo A. Afolabi, OON, CFR as the Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of Governing Council of ECU, as a replacement of our pioneer Pro-Chancellor and Chairman, Emeritus Prof. E.J. Allagoa.

Ogbolue boasted that within the eight years of the institution, it has 27 fully accredited programmes and five faculties including a postgraduate school.

He appealed for individuals and government financial support attention to enable it expand as the school is expanding gradually.

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The Ag. Vice-Chancellor, Prof. S.C.O. Ugbolue on behalf of Senate has approved the following:

1. That students begin their 2023/2024 First Semester vacation from Saturday, 17th March,
      2024 to Monday, April 1st, 2024. Students should return to campus for the 2023/2024
      Second Semester on the 2nd April, 2024.

2. All students must pay their full 2023/2024 fees not later than 24th March, 2024. Failure
      to pay by the due date will attract a surcharge of N15, 000 (Fifteen thousand naira only)
      per student

3. No students will be allowed into the campus unless the full fees are paid and their names
      are duly verified by the Bursary Department.

Students are expected to bring this important information to the attention of the parents, sponsors for guidance and compliance, please.

D. A. Urhibo



The School of Postgraduate Studies Edwin Clark University, Kiagbodo, (ECU) invites applications from suitably qualified candidates for consideration for admission into the under listed Diploma, Masters and Doctorate Degree programmes for the 2023/2024 session under Regular Fulltime mode:

MSc and PhD Computer Science

MSc and PhD Cyber Security

MSc and PhD Business Administration

MSc and PhD Mass Communication

MSc and PhD Political Science.


List of Admitted students

1OHILEBO, Precious OlohitareAccounting
2IYALAGHA, OlameneAccounting
3FIBERESIMA, Mcpherson IbiminaAccounting
4OLOWU, Glory ChiamakaAccounting
5KRUSU, Mine EmmanuelAccounting
6PRINCEWILL, Princewill ElemchukwuBiochemistry
7ESOMUZOR, BeatriceBiochemistry
8OGBORU, Praise UfuomaBiochemistry
9HARRISION, Joan NosakhareBiochemistry
10NANAPERE, Peculiar EbisindeBiology
11ADAMS, Blessing ChiomaBusiness Administration
12UDOLU, Prudence OghenekenoBusiness Administration
13JAGUN, Divine TamaraulayefaBusiness Administration
14ISA, ObefeBusiness Administration
15ERUVWETOPHURE, Seth OghenegareBusiness Administration
16TUWAYIRIN, Praise TamaraetuweimiBusiness Administration
17LAWEI, JoyBusiness Administration
18MOSES, Emmanuel TamaramieneComputer Science
19UBIDO, Oghenekaro IsaiahComputer Science
20DONJU, Triumphant BrightComputer Science
21DIOWHO, OghenetejiriComputer Science
22ANDREW, Gift EbohsetaleComputer Science
23NDUBUISI, El-roi OnochieComputer Science
24AKPOBASA, Tomotefe BoazComputer Science
25OFURHIE, GodstimeComputer Science
26BRAIDE, Dein-William AbiyeComputer Science
27ADAMS, Gift ChikaComputer Science
28WAREKOROMOR, Mikel JoshuaComputer Science
29GUATE, Oristedere MehetabelComputer Science
30AGBATUTU, Miracle OghenemaroComputer Science
31OLADUNJOYE, DanielComputer Science
32IGBANI, Onyekachi OtutochukwuComputer Science
33OBRIGA-JOBRIS, Michael FolusoComputer Science
34OGHENEDORO, Destiny OgheneogagaComputer Science
35EZONFADE, Emmanuel Fun-akpoComputer Science
36ODIGWE, Chukwufumnanya FranklinComputer Science
37NDUBUISI, El-roi OnochieComputer Science
38MOMOH, Prosper OsariemenComputer Science
39IDIMA, Emmanuel OgochukwuComputer Science
40GBAMINIDO, PeresuodeComputer Science
41EGBOWON, Itunu Comfort  Computer Science
42AMACHREE, Godson IyalaemiComputer Science
43ANIGBORO, Greater OghenemeruComputer Science
44ONOMUEFOR, Oghenetejiri JoyEconomics
45OLAJIDE, Femi FavourEconomics
46ENEWARE, Prince OyindoubraEnglish & Literary Studies
47IFADA, PreciousEnglish & Literary Studies
48ILESO, LaurettaHistory & International Studies
49OSIFO, FaithHistory & International Studies
50WILSON, Rukevwe PraiseHistory & International Studies
51OKAIN, Anita Pere-EreHistory & International Studies
54UDI, Elohor LauraJUPEB
56OSIAWA, Oghenekaro LewisJUPEB
57UCHECHUKWU, Chukwuasiaokwu StephanieJUPEB
58GIWA, Oluwafunmilayo EmmanuellaJUPEB
61OGBOI, Favour NkwoJUPEB
62AGBEGHA, TamaraumiebiJUPEB
65OWHE, Mirabel IprezieJUPEB
67OYIBO, PreciousJUPEB
68OPADEJI, Jemima OloladeJUPEB
69OLUGHOR, Rachael UyoyoJUPEB
73EDAFE, VictorProsper OgheneruireJUPEB
74EDAFERIERHI, Michelle JesusuwveLaw
75ANORUSE, Marvellous KarenaLaw
76SYLVESTER, EmmanuelLaw
77OKECHUKWU, Judith ChukwuyenumLaw
78PELA, Olive MijivwogheneLaw
79IGHOMRORE, OvighweLaw
80KELECHI, Emmanuel IfeanyiLaw
81ODEBALA. Akpevweoghene EdirinLaw
82OBADA, Oghenerukevwe LawsonLaw
83ANYADIKE, Favour WinnerLaw
84EMOJUVWETEE, Oghenemarho GreatLaw
85EGOMO, Confidence NjorkLaw
86UZOMBA, Chinaza FavourLaw
87LAYOWOLO, Ibipiri JoyLaw
88RIESA, Princess OkeogheneLaw
89WILSON, Izibekume TracyLaw
90OKOLU, Aghogho StephanieLaw
91EGWU, Chizim JudithLaw
92OMOWOLE, Favour AdeyemiLaw
93AGHOGHOVBIA, Erica EguonoLaw
94OLAWOYIN, Olatomi ExcellentLaw
95NIKATSEKPE, Aninor DivineLaw
96ARABORE, Seggy NicoleLaw
97EDOMWONYI, Patrick OsabohienLaw
98BIABOR, Greatness OghenerunorLaw
99JOSEPH, Nyekachi MarilynLaw
100DUKESON, Voda PrincessLaw
101MOWOE, EguonoghenekaroLaw
102NWOSE, Chidinma NancyLaw
103OBAMWONYI-AGHAYORE, Deborah EhinomheLaw
104UKPE, Joan IshiomaLaw
105KALEGHA, Agatha OghenerunorLaw
106AMUSAN, Eniola EstherLaw
107PESI-OWEIFABO, Douye IsaacLaw
108ODOH, Samuel Chukwuemeka Jnr.Law
109OGEDEGBE, Ulioyo JudithLaw
110EGOH, Gracious EdaghoghoLaw
111OGHOTOMO, Eyerakpotoba GreatLaw
112KALEGHA, Efe WealthLaw
113ABBAH, Leslie-Nimiteim MacdonaldLaw
114EGBON, Oghenerukevwe PeaceLaw
115OGHENERO-ATUBI, Winner AghoghoLaw
116IMONIANA, Vivian ElohoLaw
117WENIBOWEI, Sophia Pere-ereLaw
118OKPOKUNU, Stephanie AruruLaw
119OMOTE, Oghenewariho DaniellaMass Communication
120EMUEDO, Kelly OmamuyovwiMass Communication
121JAMABO, SoseipirialaMass Communication
122OBRIKI, Emmanuella OghenerukevweMass Communication
123MONYEM, Daniel OnyekachukwuMass Communication
124ESSI, Sandra AkpobrukemeMass Communication
125ELIJAH, Oghenerunor HappinessMass Communication
126TUESDAY, Jesu-tekevwe God’sGloryMass Communication
127OWAN, Jennifer JenebofaMass Communication
128OYAKONGHAN, Favour TamarauetaremiMass Communication
129WISEKING-ONOJA, EstherMass Communication
130ANORUO, Nmesoma MaureenMass Communication
131OLALERE, Taiye PaulMass Communication
132EDEOGU, Chukwuajuna EmmanuelMass Communication
133OYIBO, Praise AyirioritseMass Communication
134COLLINS, Presence TreasureMass Communication
135OKEOGHENE, Emmanuella OghenevovweroMass Communication
136KIKILE, Favour NoahMass Communication
137MUNA, Preye DestinyMass Communication
138LAWEI, FaithMass Communication
139BLESSING, SaintMass Communication
140OLOWU, Glory fumilayoMass Communication
141OMUFUWE, Faith OghenewewareMass Communication
142EMWINDOMWAN, Orhue FaithMass Communication
143EGENEGE, Favour OgochukwuMass Communication
144OJEI, Prince ChukwudiebubeMedical Laboratory Science
145ADAGBON, Gift OnyekachukwuMedical Laboratory Science
146NANAKUMO, Great RobertMedical Laboratory Science
147UBINI, Victory TejiriMedical Laboratory Science
148GODWIN, Israel OsaweseMedical Laboratory Science
149OKPAKO, Perpetual OghenerukevweMedical Laboratory Science
150BOSOMO, EuniceMedical Laboratory Science
151ROMEO, Jennifer OghenekevweMedical Laboratory Science
152ODERHOHWO, ProgressMedical Laboratory Science
153DAMATIE, EstherMedical Laboratory Science
154OKONKWO, Excel ChidiebubeMedical Laboratory Science
155EDAFE Godbless OsagieMedical Laboratory Science
156HENRY, Hilvert OsoseaseMedical Laboratory Science
157OMENOGOR, Amarachi MatildaMedical Laboratory Science
158OKONKWO, Chiamaka PamelaMedical Laboratory Science
159FEMI-BELLA, Peace TemitopeMedical Laboratory Science
160FEMI-BELLA, Precious TolulopeMedical Laboratory Science
161OBOBA, OghenetejiriMedical Laboratory Science
162ENAKPOYA, Angel OghenetejiriMedical Laboratory Science
163EFAYENA, Anthonia OmoerumeMedical Laboratory Science
164ICHONI, Victory OghenegareMedical Laboratory Science
165AKPOMEYOMA, Ogheneruro GreatMedical Laboratory Science
166ANYAOGU, Faith UlumachiMedical Laboratory Science
167OPHIE, Ogheneakporobo MarvelaMedical Laboratory Science
168OYIBO, Elohor HeleneMedical Laboratory Science
169ILESHA, Ogheneochuko FavourMedical Laboratory Science
170INIKOGBASHE, Faith EjiroMedical Laboratory Science
171ANDE, TriumphMedical Laboratory Science
172OSIEBE, Oghenevowero VictoryMedical Laboratory Science
173OBRUTSE, Oghenemarho HillaryMedical Laboratory Science
174OBRUTSE, Stephanie EguonogheneMedical Laboratory Science
175NDUKA, Godwin MakuochiMedical Laboratory Science
176FAKAH, PraiseMedical Laboratory Science
177EYEWAREN, Peter EderogheneMedical Laboratory Science
178OMOHIRO, Jennifer OrobasaMedical Laboratory Science
179ATAGBO, Clara OkeziMedical Laboratory Science
180OKHIDE, Divine EnosadebaMedical Laboratory Science
181OWOLOJA, Inioluwa RuthMedical Laboratory Science
182ITEBIMIEN, PromiseMedical Laboratory Science
183KABA-MUKORO, Omewezikohwo EmmanuellaMedical Laboratory Science
184OKITI, AghoghoMedical Laboratory Science
185OKUSI, Abraham OghenebrorhieMedical Laboratory Science
186OMOTAYO. Praise TemitopeMedical Laboratory Science
187ILODIGWE, Uchenna FavourMedical Laboratory Science
188EHIEDUE-OJUGBO, Favour EbubechukwuMedical Laboratory Science
189ETINAGBEDIA, KELVINMedical Laboratory Science
190ADJARHO, Divine OghenekparoboMedical Laboratory Science
191ETETAYE, Erhuvwoghene SuccessMedical Laboratory Science
192OCHUKO, EmmanuellaMedical Laboratory Science
193ATUWERE, Ejiroghene AngelaMedical Laboratory Science
194ONIBOKUN. Oluwatosin EmmanuellaMedical Laboratory Science
195OKOSUN, Deborah EiwanoseMedical Laboratory Science
196AKPOBASA, Jesse OrevaogheneMedical Laboratory Science
197ERU-FORTUNE, Victory AkpeweogheneMedical Laboratory Science
198AKPODIETE, Lilian AnomiogheneMedical Laboratory Science
199AGBORORO, Oghenevoke God’sGiftMedical Laboratory Science
200AKPODIETE, Lilian AnomiogheneMedical Laboratory Science
201ODESOLA, Favour DamolaMedical Laboratory Science
202GODWIN, AghoghomenaMedical Laboratory Science
203OVIE, Deborah EworitsemoghaMicrobiology
204OSARO, Clinton OsariemenMicrobiology
205ISA, Oselumense PeculiarMicrobiology
206UGEGE, Oghenetega FlourishMicrobiology
207ANTHONY, Seth ChiemelaMicrobiology
208UGBOBOR, FavourMicrobiology
209OJAYE, JesurunorMicrobiology
210OGHENEGUEKE, Oghenemado MarvelousMicrobiology
211OGHENEOCHUKO, Mercy ArodovweMicrobiology
212UMUJAKPERUO, Violet ElohorMicrobiology
213NIKOI, Opeyemi StephanieMicrobiology
214OKUNA, EmpressMicrobiology
215ACHOJA, Ekugbe PeaceMicrobiology
216OKPAKO, MichaelMicrobiology
217OMETIE, Toritsemugbone BennyMicrobiology
218ONINI, OghenerunorMicrobiology
219OHWO, Rejoice OghenerukevweMicrobiology
220IGHOVIE-EFE, Light EbruyorogheneNursing Science
221ATAWE, Rogho StephanNursing Science
222OMODAYO, Dan-silver OlohaigbeNursing Science
223DAVID, PrayerNursing Science
224OJULARI, Folusayo AdeyinkaNursing Science
225ETO, Onyinye JulietNursing Science
226OLILI, Ogheneochuko GraceNursing Science
227ENEOBONG, Louisa OghenemineNursing Science
228EBRENEYIN, Michael OritsetimeyinNursing Science
229INANA, Thelma AkpoesiriNursing Science
230GBOZIMOR, Faithful EbimorbereNursing Science
231ESSIEN, Edidiong OluwapelumiNursing Science
232PIDGIN, Choice OgirenkemebaghoNursing Science
233ASIBOR, Rejoice OsetohanmenNursing Science
234UTORO, Kindness ObrucheNursing Science
235EYITOMI, Divine OritsematosanNursing Science
236ISHOKRI, Onome LuisNursing Science
237RIACHAVWE, EmmanuellaNursing Science
238ALLI, Josephine EseoiseNursing Science
239AGBAVWIE, Oghenefega GoodnewsNursing Science
240IDHIGU, Cyril OghenerukomeNursing Science
241OMULA, Profit WealthNursing Science
242ALABI, Princess UsomineNursing Science
243EDUVIERE, Emmanuel OvieNursing Science
244ODUGBO, Deborah IbukunoluwaNursing Science
245OSIEBE, Oghenevowero VictoryNursing Science
246AGBATEYINIRO, Nini-Bright OmatseyeNursing Science
247AZIEGEBE, Precious OsakpolorNursing Science
248EGEDE, Ebube EmmanuelNursing Science
249ODIKI, Tamaradeyenfa BlessingNursing Science
250AKINJOGUNLA, Christine AbimbolaNursing Science
251OGU, Chiemeke NoraNursing Science
252NANAPERE, Success EbiereNursing Science
253IFAKA-JESUSUEN, Purity ElogheneNursing Science
254JOSHUA, Ewomazino ProgressNursing Science
255KIVIE, Angel OmokhefenNursing Science
256EKURE, PreciousNursing Science
257AKINYEYE,  Opeoluwa  GloriaNursing Science
258AKPOVUGHAIRE, Martha OnotorgheneNursing Science
259UDOLU, Goodcourage OghenewokeNursing Science
260IGBEN, Stephanie AkpevweogheneNursing Science
261EGBAH, Onome StephanieNursing Science
262IFECHUKWUDE, Divine-SuccessNursing Science
263EGBE-MATTHEW, Ogheneochuko AbigailNursing Science
264EYUBE, OghenenyerovwhoNursing Science
265ISHEGBE, Erhovwo Ada-NmaNursing Science
266AKPODIETE, Laureen AboghenefionaNursing Science
267AGBUGBU, Efe YvonnePolitical Science
268AKPO MUDIAGA ODJE, Emorhire AbiodunPolitical Science
269EBITIMI-UKORI, DanielPolitical Science
270ATAGANA, KevwePolitical Science
271AKPOSHERI, PaulPolitical Science
272DEBEKEME, Elvis TamaraulayefaPolitical Science
273OKITI, Theresa EbierePolitical Science
274ODUMGBA, Mishael kese-jahPolitical Science
275UTORO Senator OghenemegaPolitical Science
276SYLVANUS, Etiozeya MandyPolitical Science
277YAHAYA, Ehinomen FavourPolitical Science
278OWINIRE, PraisePolitical Science
279ANTHONY, Praise EbinyoPolitical Science
280IKATUBOH, Johshaphat EbimoboweiSociology
281IYOHA, Desmond OsehontueSociology
282OBUKOHWO, Precious OghenetejiriSociology
283IKO, Princeley IruogheneSociology